Archive and Preserve Your Web Data

Websites, social media, and blogs are the public face of any organization. Keep a complete record of that content that is accurate, searchable, and can be easily reviewed and produced.

You have complete control to administer your archive. We eliminate your redundant and duplicate content for effective archive management.

Our forensically sound archive saves native formats and metadata, preparing you for any regulatory, litigation, or compliance demand. We capture everything, including linked content for a low, monthly fee.

Search Your Archive For Relevant Data

Automatically archive social media and website data with ultimate control.

  • Set up automated crawls in just minutes.
  • Preserve all html source code, quality snapshots, and a full-text search index.
  • Capture multiple content feeds from a single account.
  • SmartCrawl engineering ensures accurate preservation of dynamic, complex websites.
  • Real-time monitoring collects data other tools may miss to ensure accuracy.
  • Advanced search lets you review your entire archive at any time.

Export Your Data For Review Easily

Cloud Preservation is fully integrated with Nextpoint’s Discovery Cloud for an unbroken preservation chain. Data can also be easily exported into any review platform.

Advanced search criteria lets you find content within even the largest collection. From your Cloud Preservation archive, you can review, tag, and export data quickly and easily.

Simply choose the data to export in the file format of your choice. Cloud Preservation’s forensically sound and complete archive guarantees you can meet any discovery request or regulatory demand.

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